On E-Boss Foundation, we have setup a fixed amount of ₦10,000 as a membership activation fee for any interested Nigerian who wants to paticipate and join our vision in giving back to society, helping the less privilege, the needy and orphans.

The empowerment starts with you as a member. When you donate a one time fee of ₦10,000, you become part of E-Boss vision and enjoy the privilege of life time earning, cash bonus, smart phone with standard facilities and a barnd new laptop.

Every ₦10,000 membership fee goes into the company's cooperate account. It is from this account we have set up the best compensation matrix plan to empower and reward members with a reasonable commission earning, cash bonus and incentives. We do what we preach. We support individuals, provide members for financial freedom and give back to society on monthly basis on behalf of all members.

E-Boss has perfectly designed 4 x 4 Uni-Level Matrix system. This means, a fixed 4 referral downlines directly from level 1 and indirect downline to level 4. Though the 4 is fixed, members who are capable can bring unlimited members under them and earn their commission directly. No spillover, no spill under, no breakaway, no force.

Members are expected to complete first level with 4 downlines in order to start earning commission and incentive. Multiple account is allowed to enable you grow your downlines faster for life time earning and mouth watering incentives.

If you are influencer person with a lot of followers, get your 4 people in, teach them how to get their 4 in, and they teach their 4, or work with your downlines as a team leader. By so doing, you build a strong network of downlines while you keep earning forever. If you follow this procedure and how it works, YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!

When you join our vision, you make your donation. NOTE: Your payment is not an investment with us. Your sponsors earns and empowered from your payment while we reach out to the needy from there. Now you can promote your referral link, using pre-made ads, banners and links. Your task is to refer and teach four new members, guide them to get their own downline in order to keep earning indirect commission.